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Letter: Comments on mooring issue

Dear Editor,

The City Council last week discussed the issue of the sailboat moorings. They are no closer to a solution now than they were when they passed a resolution banning dinghies on city property last year. I have had a mooring in Hudson for 36 years.

The only thing that has changed in the past 36 years is the City Council. What they don't know is that most of the sailboats moored are inexpensive boats. Most boats here are older and are worth between $2,000 and $3,000. This is not a group of wealthy people. If this group had a lot of money they would own a slip at the Hudson Marina. The city of Hudson took responsibility for the moorings in 1979. In a letter from the then-mayor of Hudson, John Schommer, he agreed to a requirement of the Army Corps of Engineers that the city would not make a profit from the fees charged.

In 1992 the City Council added a surcharge to build a fund that would benefit the sailors. This fund was not to be used for general park use. Also, this fee has been raised several times since its inception. This fund has been mentioned, but no one at City Hall seems to want to release the balance of this account.

We have lived with the overcharge of services for the mooring permits for many years. The cities of Minneapolis and Wayzata charge $450 per year. Lake St Croix Beach on the St Croix River charges $100 per year. In Hudson we provide our own anchoring system and a dinghy and we pay a fee of $560.

We have reached out to the City Council members on this issue. Our emails remain unanswered. We believe we have at least an interim solution to handle the dinghy situation, that will not cost the city any money. But we get no response.