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Letter: Concerned with coal, mercury

Dear Editor,

How we produce energy in this country has impacts on our health. The main source of energy production in the state of Wisconsin is from coal, the dirtiest source of our electricity, and it is making us sick. Mercury is one of the most serious poisons that comes from coal.

It's such a concern in Wisconsin that every single inland lake has an advisory for mercury contamination. The link between toxic mercury pollution and learning disabilities, developmental disorders, and lower IQs due to mercury exposure to pregnant women and their babies, is clearly established. Each year, 300,000 American babies are born at risk of birth defects from mercury pollution.

We need to focus on clean energy production - solar, wind, hydro - while at the same time encourage the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to enact the strong, federal standards for mercury pollution that are needed to protect our health.

I understand that the EPA is in the process of drafting stronger mercury protections, and we need President Obama to make sure those stronger mercury standards are put in place to protect our health. Please let Mr. Obama know you want him to support the EPA in enacting the stronger standards for mercury.