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Letter-Critical of letter writer

Dear Editor,

I hope most of the readers of this paper are sophisticated enough to recognize the exaggerations and misrepresentations in the recent letter titled "UW-RF series repeats 'lies'" (Sept. 14) by Meredith Berg. Contrary to Ms. Berg's claims, her views are not shared by a majority of Americans, but instead represent extreme anti-science, anti-public education sentiments cloaked in minority creationist interpretation of the bible. As such, they require a response.

Ms. Berg is free to have her own religious beliefs, but her demand for equal time to discuss those views at a scientific talk is absurd. There is no scientific evidence for a biblical flood of the St. Croix valley, thus the discussion would be rather short. The courts have ruled over and over that creationist views such as Ms. Berg's are religious, not scientific. In addition, her particular views are not shared by a majority of Christians, but instead represent a vocal minority. Ms. Berg can choose to reject all the evidence of an ancient Earth, but in so doing, she must reject as 'lies' whole bodies of knowledge in modern physics, chemistry, biology, geology, anthropology and archeology!

Science is a particular realm of knowledge. Religion is another. The two have different assumptions, ask different questions, provide different answers. To confuse the two does neither justice. There are not huge numbers of scientists coming forth to argue for a young Earth, nor do fossils disprove 'Darwin' as Ms. Berg claimed.

It's a shame that a respected geologist such as Dr. Cordua, who is volunteering his time and energy to give a public talk (he's retired), has to deal with letters filled with such vitriol. Maybe the best way to respond is to go to the talk and learn about the fascinating geologic history of this area. For information, go to:

Michael Middleton, River Falls