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Letter: Disagrees with funding

Dear Editor,

Attention all residents of the Town of St. Joseph: At the March board meeting the Town Board approved paying a reimbursement to Supervisor Jim Traeger in the amount of $297 for Lifelock (an identity theft protection company) because he believes his security may become compromised while in the course of conducting town duties. If that is the case, then all the many people who have given their social security numbers and other personal information to the Town of St. Joseph should also be reimbursed for the same identity protection services.

This is an unnecessary and inappropriate expense that was approved by the board including Supervisor Adkins and Gullickson who are up for election this year.

Shouldn't we all be afforded the same level of monetary reimbursement for our security or maybe the board should reconsider their arbitrary action and ask Supervisor Traeger to return the money.