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Letter: Pearson gets his vote

Dear Editor,

On April 2nd there will be an election for three town of Troy officials, one of which is the town chairperson. Troy resident and fourth generation family farmer, Dan Pearson, is on the ballot for town chairperson.

Dan has served the town of Troy very fruitfully from 1998 to 2010 as a Town Board supervisor. We Troy residents are fortunate to have the opportunity to choose Dan as the next town board chairperson to competently lead our town forward as the town navigates the issues that affect our lives; growth, zoning, parks and open space, infrastructure, intergovernmental relationships and public services.

Dan Pearson knows that farms, small business, industry, land stewardship, and town residents are all important parts of a measured, well thought leadership.

Dan has the qualities and commitment to fill the leadership role for Troy Township. I will be voting for Dan Pearson on April 2nd and I urge fellow Troy voters to do the same.