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Letter-Professor defends class

I must respond to the recent letter to the editor by Ms. Meredith Berg strongly critical of my upcoming talk at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls on St. Croix Valley geology. There are a number of misconceptions in her letter, and I will address a few.

It is hard to understand her criticism of a program she has not heard - in fact one that hasn't even been presented yet. The talk is not about evolution. It is not about Charles Darwin or any of the thousands of biologists who have worked on and expanded his theories. It does speak about the length of geological time recorded in the land forms and rock layers of the St. Croix Valley. It is based on facts assembled by many geologists, including myself, over decades of work.

More importantly, it is consistent with the record found in the rocks accessible to any who would care to use their God-given powers of observation and reasoning on the rocks. Essentially, rocks do not lie. Readers may get a taste of how geologists work by viewing a series of videos about local geology that I've been producing for rfc-tv channel 16 and available on their website under "Rock Talks" -

Ms. Berg is correct that I will not be spending time on a young-earth or Biblical flood model for the St. Croix Valley. In my 50 years of studying and doing geology here and around the world I have not seen a shred of geological evidence for this, and it would do my audience a disservice to spend time on it.

The last point I wish to address is her implications about my religious beliefs are anti-god. Had Ms. Berg had the courtesy to ask me, I could have told her that I am baptized and confirmed a Lutheran.

Dr. William S. Cordua, UW-River Falls