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Letter-Promises have not been kept

Dear Editor,

Barack Obama promised he would improve this nation if he was elected president. He has not.

The economy is as bad as it was when he started. Unemployment remains over 8 percent, our family incomes are $4,000 less on average than one year ago, and there are more people on food stamps than ever before.

Gas prices have doubled and he's done nothing about it. In 2008 candidate Obama said high gas prices were due to failed Bush energy policies. Now he doesn't seem to notice. He promised to restore America's reputation in the world. He hasn't. Our embassies and flags are being burned across the Middle East more than ever. Our people are being slain in terrorist attacks and this president blames an insensitive internet video.

Barack Obama believes so strongly in green energy companies to the extent he's invested many billions of our taxpayer dollars in his pet project green companies that have quickly failed. How can Solyndra fail when they were given $500 million of our taxpayer dollars? Where did our money go?

He's escalated his attack on the coal industry as coal mines are shutting down due to overly aggressive regulations. We all heard him say he would bankrupt the coal industry and apparently this is one promise he intends to keep. We need electricity folks.

I have to admit, he sure looks cool when he trots on stage at a campaign fundraiser, sleeves rolled up, man-hugging some dude like they're lifelong friends. So cool. But looking cool is not cutting it. We need jobs and a healthy economy and Barack Obama has already demonstrated he's either unwilling or incapable of making it happen. Let's not give him four more years to prove he can't do it. We can't afford it.

Chris Haroldson, Hudson