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Letter: Re-elect Dan Gavin

Dear Editor,

I would like express my enthusiastic support for Dan Gavin as he runs for re-election as town chairman of St. Joseph Township.

Dan is a dedicated and amazing public servant, and has guided the town both as chairman of the Town Board and for a number of years as a town supervisor. Dan has demonstrated exceptional skills in dealing with difficult and divisive situations. When he conducts meetings, it is done in a fair and level-headed manner. In addition to his service as town chairman, Dan contributes as the town representative on the St. Croix River Crossing Advisory Board, as well as participating on several other committees.

Dan serves his church as chairman of the congregation and is much admired for the time and talent he gives, including contributions to the youth groups. During the holiday season he spearheads the sale of Christmas trees to benefit the youth. A number of these trees are given to families who might not otherwise be able to have them.

I plan to cast my ballot for Dan Gavin in the April 2nd town election.