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Letter: Reverse discrimination?

Dear Editor,

I just read where Magic Johnson is launching an all-black network on cable T.V. Just another example of reverse discrimination in this country that's slowly making the white, middle class American the low man on the civil rights totem pole. I could just imagine the reaction if someone launched an all-white cable network. The reverends Sharpton and Jackson would have a literal cow and probably hurt themselves in the rush to the nearest network news outlet to expose this attempt to stifle the black man. In protest of America's reluctance to take a stand on reverse discrimination, come fall I am going to enter the Miss Black America Contest.

By law they cannot prevent me from entering, no person in this country shall be discriminated against by color, sex or age. Granted I will be the only contestant that will need an easy go round to make it to the end of the run way and back. I will also be the only person wearing a Cass Elliot evening gown complimented by a pair of twelve and a half triple E pumps with six inch stiletto heels. For the swimsuit competition I've selected a lime green Speedo that makes me look like a Bartlett pear wearing a rubber band. Finally for my talent, I plan to play "Dixie" on my arm pit while wearing the Confederate flag as a diaper.

I figure when it's all said and done, and after a brief incarceration, my name should go down in history as one of the great crusaders of civil rights. Along with such icons as Rosa Parks, MLK and JFK. As long as the message is sent that we are fed up with being discriminated against simply because we are white, I can take any fallout that might come.

Like the letter I received from the Attorney General of Wisconsin stating that if at any time while serving as a contestant of The Miss Black America Contest I make any reference about representing the state of Wisconsin, I will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Which means I will be in search of a sponsor. The sponsor should be an old, well established business with a solid reputation in the community.