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Letter -Sad sports in Minnesota

Dear Editor,

When it comes to sports I'm Wisconsin through and through. I love the Packers, Brewers, Bucks and Badgers. I also take great joy in watching the Vikings lose. However, lately my heart has begun to soften with the terrible state of Minnesota sports. I find myself worrying about the Minnesota fans and what will happen to them.

The Twins are the best example of a New York farm club I've ever seen. If it was not for Adrian Peterson, the Vikings could fold up the chairs, roll up the Dome and call it a day. The Gophers, Oh gosh! Could you be that bad for that long? I think the great Jon McKay expressed the sentiment that all Minnesota fans are feeling. After losing his 14th straight game as the coach of the expansion Tampa Bay Bucks, a reporter asked Coach McKay "what do you think about the execution of your team today coach?" Coach McKay replied, "I'm all for it." The one fleeting light in the darkness of Minnesota sports was the Lynx. Few know who that is and even fewer care. With not even a glimmer of hope, it will be a dismal decade for the land of ten thousand lakes

So what will hold the Minnesota fan together, what will keep Elmer from going home and putting his head in the oven and ending it all? What will stop the swirling of the Minnesota sports toilet? They must have something to cheer for, they must find a hero, they must have a winner! The answer...Sean Besser Hank!

Sean Besser Hank, a St. Paul native, recently was crowned the Nation's best beer pourer. Yes, that's right -- Sean won the World Draught Master competition and was crowned the Nation's best pourer of beer. He then went to Buenos Aires to represent the U.S in the World Championships, where he finished fourth. So when the Gophers are getting shellacked or the Twins are 28 games out and the Vikings have just signed Sonny Jorgensen for a comeback year, don't get discouraged, don't get blue, remember Sean Besser Hank "a beer pouring man."

P.S. No one from Wisconsin competed in the Draught Masters, it would not be prudent for a professional to compete among the amateurs.