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Letter: Says he'll golf in city parks

Dear Editor,

A couple months ago, I asked the Hudson City Council to ban driving golf balls within the city limits except at a golf course. I was concerned about the possibility of citizens being injured. I was turned down flat. It turns out the Council's Public Safety Committee is more interested in protecting golfers' rights than in protecting public safety.

In fact, the Public Safety Committee said it's the responsibility of citizens to watch out for golfers and get out of their way! With that attitude, I believe Hudson beats out Palm Springs for being the nation's most golf-friendly city.

On the bright side, this opens up many possibilities. I'm a golfer, but I always (foolishly) pay to use a golf course. Now, we golfers who are hoping to save money on driving range fees can drive balls with impunity on any green space we find in the city limits. For example, there are plenty of city parks with wide open areas for golfing. Try out Burton Field, Weitkamp Park, Grandview Park, Williams Park, and Lakefront Park, just to name a few.

In addition to city parks, don't forget about school grounds. There's lots of empty green space at the middle school and River Crest Elementary just begging for the "zing" of hard-driven golf balls.

Also there are neighborhood green spaces to explore. For example, the Red Cedar Canyon development has an expansive athletic field just off Dunberry Pass. I'll tee it up there next spring.

And there is no worry about any city law getting in our way. That question has been asked and answered. We are free to golf wherever we please in Hudson. And for you citizens who are so careless as to be walking your dog or playing at a playground: please get out of the way. Fore!