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Letter: Support ducks, birds by purchasing Duck Stamp

Dear Editor,

After hearing Chris Trosen from the St. Croix Wetlands Management District give his most enlightening and educational talk I am inspired to encourage everyone to buy a Federal Duck Stamp. Available at every Post Office for only $15, it is a great deal for this reason: an amazing 98 cents out of every dollar goes directly to our National Wildlife Refuge system. Below is a link I found which nicely explains the importance of this stamp in the world of bird conservation and habitat preservation.

You can also purchase this stamp by becoming a member of the Friends of the St. Croix Wetlands Management District. Here is the link to their membership brochure -- the $20 level will buy a membership and a Federal Duck Stamp. That's a great "twofer" if ever there was one!

Cathy Olyphant, Woodville

St. Croix Valley Bird Club