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Letter: Supports Van Mele

Dear Editor,

As we move closer to the spring elections, I wish to share these words with each of you whom I've served as your County Board representative.

I'm both humbled by and grateful for the trust you have placed in me, and for your ongoing support during my 10 years as your supervisor. The learning curve has been steep at times, and it is with sincere gratitude that I say thank you to County Board colleagues, Department Heads and County Personnel, both past and present, who -- when I needed a compass -- cared enough to take me under your wings. You have consistently inspired me by your wisdom and integrity each time I turned to you for guidance and encouragement.

March 6 was my last County Board meeting. On my way home, I stopped at St. Patrick's Church to not only thank God for His help and guidance, but also to pray for the incumbent County Board members and for those newcomers who are running for election to our County Board.

In November, I received a phone call from Suzanne Van Mele, indicating that she was interested in filing for my seat. She asked if we could meet over coffee to discuss what it's like being on the County Board. We met, and since that conversation I've come to realize what an outstanding candidate Suzanne is for the Supervisor 9 position.

Suzanne is a well-organized team player, surprisingly well informed on both local and county issues, she has no hidden agendas, and uses common sense when assessing challenging situations. She possesses the wisdom which comes from hard work and one's willingness to dig in when the going gets tough.

It is therefore with deep respect for her that I encourage each of you to vote for Suzanne on April 3.