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Letter-Turn signal problems

Dear Editor,

There is an epidemic of drivers who don't signal their intentions: left turns, right turns, lane changes on the freeway or no signal.

It could be ignorance, or it could be a large amount of cell phone or text users who have their hands full.

I also think it could be Viking fans lamenting a probably 52nd straight year without a Super Bowl win and paying no attention.

I have noticed that women use their signals far more often than men. Maybe it seems unmanly to use directionals. Also the bigger the pickup or SUV the less likely the signals will be used.

I bet most of you old fogies and geezers remember when the headlight dimmer switch was on the floor left of the brake or clutch pedal. Quite a few years ago it was moved up to the steering column on the same arm as the turn signals. Norway is in the process of moving the headlight dimmer switch back down to the floor. Seems far too many Norwegians have been getting their left legs stuck in the steering wheel while trying to dim their lights.

Marvin L. Nelson, River Falls