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Letter: Wants disc golf course

Dear Editor,

After being voted down in the initial proposal to the city council, the Hudson disc golf group will need to perform an educational "drive" to address the concerns of the council in order to "putt" the course into Prospect Park with the approval of the city.

At the park board committee level we were dismissed twice before, this is only our first attempt with the city council. Disc golfers of Hudson showed great support with attendance beyond seating capacity at the council meeting and will provide whatever is needed for adoption. As a seasoned disc golfer with experience in state, regional, and national events the decision was easy for me to see that Hudson should accept a free disc golf course.

Fortunately for the packed house of disc golf supporters we were able to see John Hoggatt make an "easy" decision as he voted with Lee Wyland in support of disc golf at Prospect Park. However there were others on the Council who were skeptical. The next phase of interaction with the council will be able to focus in on the concerns and address them directly.

Then, if approved by the city council in the future, Hudson will join our neighbors River Falls, Somerset and 160-plus communities across Wisconsin to have a trusted leisure activity just a couple blocks away from the downtown businesses and Booster Days.