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Letter: Wants jobs, not turbines

Dear Editor,

Secrets -- with Emerging Energies everything is a secret. They say they want to work with the people of Forest and Cylon townships in St. Croix County to make the project a valuable part of the community. If this is true why wasn't everyone in the community invited to the meetings that took place on Feb. 20th and Feb. 21st? We were not invited

And talking to many of our neighbors, they were not invited either.

Is the wind developer willing to remove turbines or site them 1/2 to 1 mile away from our homes? A "good neighbor" would have been upfront and truthful about the wind project before seeking a written agreement with the former town board.

What tree or shrub will hide a 50 story turbine? Window coverings would need to black out all light so we don't see the shadow flicker. Why should we live in a completely blackened out home?

Why is big business trying to destroy our beautiful Wisconsin countryside with these hideous turbines that will be there forever? What will happen to our wildlife and our eagles?

What is valuable about billions of taxpayers' dollars going to subsidize an industry that works 25 percent of the time, when those dollars could be going to small business and creating real permanent jobs.