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Letters- Against wind farm

Dear Editor,

Emerging Energies of Wisconsin, LLC, developers of Highland Wind Farm

proposed for the Town of Forest, released a press statement on Friday, Oct. 5. The private company stated "...District Judge William M. Conley ruled that the claims against EEW by leaders of the Forest Voice (plaintiffs named) and their attorneys (attorneys named) were "frivolous."

Sanctions in the amount of $1000 and $500 were ordered against the former attorneys of the Forest Voice. The ruling was not levied against the Forest Voice plaintiffs. Additionally, Judge Conley did not see fit to allow the former town board defendants to "piggyback" on the judgment.

The federal lawsuit brought by the Forest Voice was based on the violation of constitutional rights "nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of the law."

Emerging Energies LLC, is a private company, yet current state laws exempt the developer from the stringent requirements of utility developed projects. The Forest Voice and its supporters will continue to fight for our Constitutional Rights and the rights of others.

I would like to remind the EE partners that the residents of Forest are people; not a project. We are a town majority not willingly to give up everything that we love and own for the mistaken ideology of free, clean and green renewable energy when it is irresponsibly developed. We are working parents, farmers, tradespersons, truck drivers, homemakers, employees of or business owners, and retirees. We do what we can to make ends meet. These three men do not live in our community and have no investment nor concern in our quality of life. Their interest is financial only in developing a wind project that is not suited to a populated area; the risks are too high.

Brenda Salseg, Town of Forest