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Letters- UW-RF series repeats 'lies'

Dear Editor,

It was interesting for me to read that the University of Wisconsin is once more going to attempt to advance its Darwinian theory of evolution on our area's people through its lecture series, "Morning with the Professor." When professor emeritus William Cordua of the geology department gets through with his talk -- "A Billion Years in the Making" (of the St. Croix Valley) will there also be a follow-up discussion on the subject of how the Biblical flood, of just several thousand years ago, shaped the valley? (That discussion rarely happens; wonder why?)

It's amazing that evolutionists continue, year after year, to push their anti-God, anti-creation views on the American public, even though something like 75 percent of us don't buy Darwin's lies!

Huge numbers of scientists from all over the world have come forward to state their beliefs that evolution is not true, that the world isn't billions of years old, that the earth was created by a creator and that fossils and other evidences disprove Darwin. But our taxes continue to pay for these lies to be taught to our children, and, it appears, to gullible adults as well!

It's amazing to what lengths people will go to in attempting to keep God out of our world! Makes me wonder that they are afraid of!

Meredith Berg, North Hudson