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Look on positive side

Dear Editor,

During this season of peace and understanding for the world, we all might reflect on making the global, more local.

Reading "Letters to the Editor" in this paper, residents understandably might assume that this town is filled with negativism and fear. A glance at the "usual suspect" contributors shows just about anti-everything: anti-government, anti-Harry Potter, anti-abortion, anti-wine tasting, anti-immigration, anti-evolution, anti-gay, anti-vaccination, anti-education, and "anti-anything that threatens a narrow-minded view of the world."

Experience is the enemy of bigotry. The more individuals in the area with varied experiences in life and complex world-views to share, the more vibrant and healthy our community will become. In this spirit and during this time, we welcome the celebrations of all traditions of positive outlook and hope, whether the Winter Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or others. Our community, our families, and ourselves are better for it.