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Loss of disc golf upsetting

Dear Editor,

All the way out in Colorado it has been brought to my attention that Willow River State Park has finally decided to close down the disc golf course. This was very saddening news for me, because I learned how to play disc golf there and it has always been my favorite course.

I remember getting my license five years ago and being so excited to finally drive my friends and me to play disc golf at the park. Every time I come home, after moving out to Colorado, I find the time to enjoy a few leisurely rounds of disc golf at the park. To me it is a place that will always bring back fond memories and had the potential to create many more.

I understand that due to a lack of responsibility and maturity displayed by certain disc golf players that the park has decided to shut down the course. I have always done my part to keep the course clean and enjoyable for everyone, but one individual's behavior is not always enough.

There is talk going around about the possibility of a new course opening up in Hudson. I have been informed that the disc golf baskets are in safe keeping for the time being and could be used for a new course. It would be great to see this happen and would also be beneficial to the entire community. The sport of Disc Golf is a uniquely pleasant sport that attracts a variety of individuals. It provides individuals with a very fun, different way to exercise. It is not very physically demanding, which in return allows members of all ages throughout the community to enjoy it.

All in all, disc golf has offered me a release from the stresses of life and provides a peaceful setting to enjoy the outdoors in my life, and in the life of many others in the community. I hope the community members of Hudson can find a space for the future enjoyment of this wonderful sport. It is a shame to lose the course at Willow River State park, but it would be a much bigger shame to see this be the end of disc golf in the city of Hudson.