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A move to 'Marxism'

Dear Editor,

With the presentation of the ridiculously long and convoluted 2000-plus page House bill to be voted on shortly there's one thing that's certain; this bill will create the biggest boondoggle for citizens ever seen in any government, world-wide.

Inside the pages of this onerous and freedom robbing health care bill are the creation of 111 separate boards, bureaucracies, commissions and programs! A letter in the St. Paul Pioneer Press from a reader in Woodbury gave a small but ominous insight into what is in store for us when she wrote that 85 percent of her day was spent trying to obtain health services from the government run employee health care benefits program for U. S. postal workers. And when you consider that this is just a very small area compared to the massive bill now being proposed, it's easy to see what will happen to people, doctors and hospitals who will have to deal with, and get procedures approved from, bureaucrats in government. Don't you just love this hope and change?

A recent op-ed from the online Pravda describes how, "with breathtaking speed, America is descending into Marxism with little resistance from passive, hapless people." The Obama administration, fully aided and abetted by the leftists in congress and the senate, is bent upon the destruction of this country via the unheard of deficit spending while printing trillions of dollars to pay for Obama's socialist programs. The coup de grace will be the creation of government run health care.

The Constitution is eyed by this administration as merely a small inconvenience to the onrushing juggernaut of government control -- and unless it's defended by the support of uprising people it will soon turn into chaff to be thrown at a circus parade.

The Founding Fathers must be rolling in their graves.