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Need 'change' in 2010 vote

Dear Editor,

Now that we're closer than ever to the Obamanation that was once called America, it is very important to remember just who were the enablers of the new communism - those in the senate and congress. When the mid-term elections come up in 2010, never forget those members up for re-election who have stood with the Messiah instead of their constituents and voted for cap and trade, nationalized health care, the fiscally crippling 'bailout' bills and a national debt that is fully unsustainable. Is this the 'hope and change' you wanted?

The few months we may have left as citizens will be crucial to the very survival of this country. We will make them pay for their socialist policies by voting them out of office - every single one of them. They must be replaced by men and women who still have a shred of integrity and patriotism left and will stand firm against the socialists, the communists and those corrupt officials around the Messiah who are selling this once-great country down the river in their quest to trash the Constitution and gain total power over all facets of private citizens' lives. Remember Pelosi's 'honest and ethical' statement? Is this the 'transparency' we were promised? Lies spouted by liars. All of them. And fully endorsed by the 'Liar in Chief'.

The conservative side of this country is normally somewhat acquiescent - usually loathe to create waves by demonstrating (like the left), hounding their representatives (like the left) and organizing voters to support their views (like the left). But the borderline criminal activities and unconstitutional directions of this dangerous administration is going to have serious consequences. And in the words of Admiral Yamamoto at the very onset of World War II, "I fear all we will have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve".

Those of us who are old enough to have joined the military during wartime, fought against communism and foreign governments bent on doing this country harm, never thought that someday we would be fighting against those same dangerous ideologies that are now firmly ensconced in our own government. They must be removed. The 2010 elections are a good start and I pray that it will be enough.