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Not following constitution

Dear Editor,

We should make government be responsible and follow the rules laid out in the constitution.

There is nowhere in the constitution that allows government to take money from people for government health care or be in charge of dispensing health care. The government is already rationing the government controlled flu and H1N1 vaccine which is discriminatory and illegal to do and this will be even worse with government in charge of all health care disbursement, watch out senior citizens.

If government thinks the clause for the common good of the people gives them the right for government health care they are misusing the clause.

The correct way to enact government health care would be with constitutional amendment. An example would be the 16th amendment for income tax. Legislators then knew the constitution and respected it even though it never passed all states in the exact form. If legislators wish to escape the claim their pushing a socialist agenda the only smart way is to oppose this healthcare legislation and push for constitutional amendment.