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Obama has twisted view

Dear Editor,

What's going on with Obama's Justice Department? During the election members of the Black Panthers stood outside a polling site carrying batons to intimidate voters. Has Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder, charged anybody? Not yet.

In August when Town Hall meetings were being held there were at least two episodes when Service Employees International Union (SEIU) members assaulted citizens -- both incidents were on national TV. Has Holder charged anyone? Not yet.

According to White House visitor records the head of SEIU, Andy Stern, has spent more time overnight at the Obama White House, 23 times, than any other person. Do you think the lack of charges against the Black Panthers and SEIU thugs has any connection with the cozy relationship?

In contrast, what is Obama doing to the people in charge of keeping us safe? He issued an order that all terrorists must be read their Miranda Rights. We'd still be fighting World War II if these rules had been in place then.

Then Obama and Holder rule that the CIA will be investigated for doing their job of keeping us safe for the last eight years. This will be a public investigation where many of our national security operations will be made public. Our worst threat is coming from within our government, not from the outside.

We must close Guantanamo and bring the detainees to the U.S. for trial. The most famous of these is Kalid Mohammed, the mastermind behind 9/11. These trials will take 3-6 years and will cost us time and millions of dollars. These terrorists have confessed to what they did and have bragged that they would do it again. Why are we trying them at all?

If they need to be tried, why not a Military Court where the rules of evidence are different? We're putting our national security secrets on a huge billboard for all to see.

Obama has proposed the Federal government purchase a vacant State of Illinois prison at a cost of millions of dollars. Isn't it coincidental that the proposal is to purchase a prison in Illinois, Obama's home state? Is this more pork and patronage? It cost the U.S. $50 million to build Guantanamo.

Now we can't even call terrorists "terrorists" any longer, and we can't use "war on terror" -- we have to call it a "man-made conflict." None of this makes me feel very safe.