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People help after storm

Dear Editor,

I spent some time helping some friends clean up Aug. 9 after the storm that hit just north of Burkhardt. I saw neighbors helping neighbors, friends helping friends and strangers helping strangers.

But what stuck out most in my mind was seeing a young lady walking up the driveway with a note pad in her hand asking to see the owner. My first thought was that she was just another "ambulance chaser." Then she introduced herself and told us she lived just south of the damaged area and that she and her husband ran the Carbone's place in Burkhardt.

She offered us free food from her restaurant, saying it was the least they could do for the people in need. After she left I saw her making the rounds to the other houses. A couple of hours later she came back with a couple of pizzas and two boxes of chicken.

Just another reason why I love living in this area.