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Says Obama numbers odd

Dear Editor,

Well, well, so the Obama administration created to keep us informed about the results of the stimulus bill, jobs created/saved, reporting waste/fraud/abuse in the system. So let's see, hundreds of jobs created/saved are showing up in non-existent phantom Congressional districts in a number of states.

Phony jobs are being reported, for instance, one shoe seller reported creating nine jobs from a $900 grant that provided shoes to an organization. Much of the information on this site is incorrect, according to a study done by a different government agency.

It is claiming to have saved jobs which have never been counted in the past and can't be confirmed as being "saved" currently. What a shell game with the numbers! These numbers are made up fiction, and there is no accountability. So we need to ask, is this just government incompetency or is it a concerted effort to justify the stimulus spending? Either way, it's a level of incompetence or trickery that should alarm every American.

There have been 38 million jobs lost in the last year. Unemployment is at 10.5 to 17 percent, depending on which source you believe. Doesn't sound like jobs saved or created to me.

Speaking of waste, Obama just spent another 18 million dollars to "update" this site. No one can seem to find out how much was spent to "create" this site, but the OMB submitted a $600,000 bid to update it. That is the job of the OMB. And yet the bid went to some other company for 18 million. Talk about fraud, waste and abuse, or maybe it was just another "pay back" for yet another company who supported Obama. We'll never know, because the transparency promised has yet to materialize. In fact, it's just the opposite.

And this is the same government who wants to take over a sixth of our economy and handle our health care. We are in a big heap of trouble! America is going down the tubes quickly.