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Seeks info on Korean vets

Dear Editor,

I am attempting to locate the relatives of the 800 plus military personnel from Wisconsin who were killed (Killed in Action - KIA or MIA - Missing in Action or body not recovered) during the Korean War or died from Non-Hostile causes anywhere in the world during the period of June 25, 1950 to January 1955 or to the current date for anyone Killed In Action.

The American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC), Arlington, VA, has a web site ( that has a one page print-out on those who were killed or died during the Korean War. The information is sometimes incomplete and a photo is also lacking if a relative or someone does not provide it. The Department of Defense only lists those who were killed in action or are missing in action. Army personnel are listed by the county and state they were living in when they entered the service. The ABMC also lists the KIA & MIA as well as non-hostile deaths, i.e. auto or airplane accidents, sudden death, polio, etc.

The Department of Defense has the five following casualties from St. Croix County for whom at least one of their relatives has been located: Bert John Gaspord, New Richmond; Raymond Walter Hanson, Baldwin; Louis Dearve Holland, New Richmond; Thomas Paul Moore, Baldwin; and James Jefferson Woodmansee, Baldwin.

Your knowledge of anyone else from your county, community, or even the State of Wisconsin, that died from hostile or non-hostile causes is solicited.

My thanks for any assistance you can provide.

Gordon R. Faust, USAF (Retired)

5665 Steeplechase Drive

Waunakee, WI 53597-8607 Tel. 608-849-8786