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Skeptical of Obama

Dear Editor,

Skepticism is a good thing and it does appear the U.S. citizenship agrees when it comes to the current Washington, D.C., administration, as evidenced by the fact President Obama's approval rating has fallen to 45 percent from 65 percent at the beginning of his administration.

I get skeptical of an administration with 30-plus czars, with more than one being admitted socialists or communists and most having never been cleared through Congress. These include:

  • Van Jones, his green jobs czar who admits he is a communist;
  • Mark Lloyd, the FCC "diversity officer" who has said our freedom of speech is exaggerated;
  • Carol Browner, global warming czar, a member of Socialist International;
  • Cass Sunstein, regulatory czar who proposed banning all hunting, banning the eating of meat and proposed dogs be allowed legal representation;
  • Ezekiel Emmanuel, health care adviser, a proponent of the Complete Lives System, putting values on lives based mostly on age;
  • Jeffery Carl Jones, one of the leaders of the Apollo Alliance who had a lot to do with the stimulus bill, according to Sen. Harry Reid. Jeffery Jones was a co-founder of the Weather Underground and a fugitive from the FBI for 10 years;
  • John Holdren, science czar, wrote in a book that overpopulation can be controlled by forced sterilization of women. Sound like China?

    I am skeptical when the president-elect promised a more transparent administration and then will not even agree to release his thesis from Harvard.

    I get skeptical when my president goes on foreign soil and apologizes for the misdeeds of America rather than expands on the good deeds our country has done for the world.

    Yes, I am skeptical of our leadership in Washington and am very worried regarding the direction they are taking us in this country.

  • randomness