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Thoughts on Obama

Dear Editor,

Change, a word that can bring instant gratification "don't forget your change," or sadness, "don't forget to change for mass." A word that can bring unbelievable joy, "don't forget to vote for change," or unthinkable horror, "don't forget to change Grandpa." A word that leads to the election of a president and the fall of an evil administration.

President Obama promised change and transparency to help America back on its feet. He closed Gitmo where that evil Chaney held terrorists that had been denied due process. No? Not yet! He brought home our boys from conflicts that President Bush had wrongly began. No? Not yet! He sent more troops!

Forget them, bad examples. He has reformed health care so we all may get sick on the state's dollar. No? He had no plan! There must be one of the promises of change that Mr. Obama was able to keep. I know "Bo" the puppy the President has given his daughters - he arrived as promised. So we must keep the faith. We must rely on Mr. Obama to follow through on the promises of change that greatly led to his election.

The people at Nobel have great faith in this President. They have awarded him the Nobel Peace Prize. With the nomination deadline occurring only 11 days after President Obama took office it is unlikely he could have been rewarded for actions taken after only two weeks in office. Although the Lord created the Earth in one week, and Santa makes all his deliveries in one night, it might be possible to impress the people at Nobel after a mere 11 days.

I think the people at Nobel who voted for President Obama anticipate great things, and hope he will keep the promises made during his campaign to the Presidency. I also hope that the optimistic approach the foundation exercised in predicting the greatness President Obama might achieve in world peace would be adopted by other prize-awarding bodies. Awards committees should be able to gamble a little, to bet on the come if you will. You see, I'm planning on reading "War and Peace" and "The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire." I should be a lock for the Pulitzer.

F.Y.I. Gandhi gained India's independence from The British Empire with civil disobedience and passive resistance. Maybe the most peaceful man under a hundred pounds who ever lived, never received the Nobel Prize for Peace. Then they shot him.