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Too many guns in our society

Dear Editor,

How sad to learn last night that there was another serious gun incident in our area. A Hudson father in an argument with his son began shooting at him! The son called the police, and then thankfully escaped with three friends.

A lengthy stand-off with the police ensued and more shots were fired. The father was hospitalized in critical condition. We attended the pro-gun, anti-tax and government rally in Hudson on Saturday afternoon. They exercised their rights to free speech and assembly, and we exercised ours to respectfully disagree, with a few signs and a flyer.

We heard some astonishing rhetoric, some coming from the stage and the candidates for office in next year's elections. One I will recall: "I won't let the tank of Marxism run over my children!" To be fair, we were thanked for coming by a number of people and received some quietly positive comments. But there were people there just spoiling for a fight.

As a mom and grand mom, I found it profoundly disturbing to see people strolling around with a gun (and sometimes two) strapped on, especially in the presence of many children. No one I know suggests that all guns be banned. That's not practical or realistic in our America. But, surely we should talk about safety and try to find a place to agree.

I remain convinced that assault weapons aren't necessary for hunting and that "packing heat" openly or covertly in public places cannot be a positive thing. I have no way of knowing if that Hudson family subscribed to what we observed at the rally. It would be sadly ironic if they did.

Regardless, this is a tragedy that might have been avoided, and exactly what I worry about when thinking about gun safety.