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Letter: Supports Don Jordan

Dear Editor,

I am writing in support of Don Jordan for Town of Hudson Supervisor. Don is eminently qualified for that position and has many years' experience and excellent service within town and county government.

I first met Don in the early 80s when I served on the town Planning Committee and was a member of the team evaluating various options in case the state decided to locate a dog track in Hudson Township. Don was the spokesman for a group of residents concerned about the issue and he testified before our team on several occasions. We found him to be most articulate and knowledgeable each time he appeared before the team and his input had a material impact on our discussions and decisions.

While I went on to serve as a County Board Supervisor from the town, Don stayed with town government and went on to become town chairman and then chairman of the Town Board of Adjustment at a crucial time in the development boom that occurred over the next several years. Don did an outstanding job of guiding the Board of Adjustment decisions that allowed for the inevitable development while maintaining the rural character of the township.

While chair of the Board of Adjustment Don also served three terms on the County Board. He and I sat side by side at board meetings and had many opportunities to represent the interests of the town and county residents. Don was always informed and persuasively articulated his views in support of the best interest of the town and was a valued member of the board.

I am pleased that Don has decided to run for the Town Board and bring his experience and expertise to this key position. I wholeheartedly support and endorse Don Jordan for Town of Hudson Supervisor and urge others to do the same.

Ron Raymond, Town of Hudson


Letter: Gullickson in St. Joe

Dear Editor,

The Town of St. Joseph faces a critical time in its history and the election on April 3 will help define how the Town moves forward. The Stillwater bridge decision will have a major impact on St. Joe and a Town Board that is well versed in town law as well as experienced in handling challenging situations is absolutely essential moving forward.

Brian Gullickson was elected in 2010 as St. Joe's 3rd Supervisor and during the past two tumultuous years in the town's history has been an informed voice of reason for the town as it has navigated uncharted waters regarding extremely difficult issues.

In addition, Brian has assumed many responsibilities that make his re-election to the Town Board absolutely essential. Because of his technical expertise, Brian has been instrumental in getting high speed Internet service to the town; he has taken on the task of updating the town's antiquated website and the town's crumbling computer systems; he has used his detailed eye to update the town's road documentation; and he has assumed leadership of the financial projections and policies that will determine St. Joe's future.

All of these accomplishments make Brian's re-election of upmost importance for St. Joe but the most important reason we can recommend Brian as a Town Supervisor is that he is, simply put, a person of exemplary integrity who goes the extra mile to be well informed on all sides of town issues before making decisions for the town. There just won't be a better decision for the town than for St. Joe residents to join us in voting to re-elect Brian Gullickson as St. Joe's 3rd Supervisor on April 3.

Ben and Susan Heuiser, Town of St. Joseph


Letter: Back St. Joe incumbents

Dear Editor,

After all the recent turmoil, it is great to see our Town of St. Joseph officials once again focusing on the best interests of the residents. We now have a dedicated and competent clerk/treasurer, Marie Colbeth, who is clearing up the confusing backlog of business left by her predecessor. Likewise, we now have a Town Board made up of individuals who are focused on the needs of our town, and not their own agendas. While I haven't agreed with every decision made by the current board, I do know that they are willing listeners regarding residents' concerns, and that their decisions are backed by considerable thought.

This leadership team has brought badly needed stability to our town's government. The coming election is not the time to disrupt this progress. As voters, we can ensure continued progress by re-electing Kevin Adkins and Brian Gullickson to the St. Joseph Town Board. I urge support for both.

Ken Gerhan, Burkhardt


Letter: Candidate seeks support

Dear Editor,

The Town of St. Joseph has experienced unprecedented challenges in the past two years as I have served as Supervisor 1. I am proud of the accomplishments the Town Board has made in response to those challenges, but also in keeping the regular business of the Town of St. Joseph moving along in a positive direction. As a Town Board, we have worked hard to look in depth at the budget in order to keep taxes at a reasonable rate during difficult economic times. We have established financial systems that assure town board oversight for all expenditures. We have taken a critical look at town infrastructure needs and are working to set plans in place for protecting those assets. We are looking at many cost saving measures as the Town of St. Joseph moves forward and we are providing residents with more details of, and access to, the Town's business decisions. The hallmark of the Town Board of St. Joseph has been to work together in a fiscally responsible and transparent way to manage the town's business.

As I've spoken with town residents during my tenure as supervisor, I've worked hard to find viable solutions to the issues presented by doing research, consulting experts and finding new solutions to long standing issues. Communication is very important to me and I welcome any resident's contact about any issue that concerns them regarding the Town of St. Joseph.

I wish to thank all of the residents who have taken an interest in the town. The Town of St. Joseph will elect two supervisors on April 3, 2012, to continue the town's progress. I ask you to vote for me, Kevin Adkins, as Supervisor 1.

Kevin Adkins, Hudson

Editor's note: The writer is a candidate for the town of St. Joseph Board.