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Upset by remarks

Dear Editor,

During President Obama's major health care speech on Wednesday, South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson yelled out "You lie!"

What made him feel he could treat the president that way? I think he may not care too much for people of color.

Wilson said he let his emotions get the best of him. I think he is showing the true face of the GOP. Many refuse to accept the fact that a black man is president and to them it is acceptable to treat African Americans with this disregard. Wilson's mask came off.

When was the last time that you've seen this kind of disrespect directed at the president of the United States while giving a speech to the House? Bush did lie and I don't recall any of our representatives screaming at him. Imagine the uproar it would have caused.

The façade is over. Remember the "kill him!" and "traitor!" shouts at the mention of Obama's name during Palin's campaign? Next came the "tea baggers," gun rallies and shout-downs at town hall meetings, all directed at Obama. What's next?

Many are saying Wilson should be censured. Censured? He should be booted out and never allowed to again hold public office. This type of blatant disrespect for the president from members of Congress cannot be tolerated.