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Update -- Police standoff at Fifth and Orange streets ends peacefully

VILLAGE OF NORTH HUDSON: 2013 Budget Adjustments - Notice 1

Monday, November 11, 2013 - 11:20pm

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Village of North Hudson, by two-thirds majority vote of the Village Board of Trustees taken on November 5, 2013 did adjust the 2013 budget as follows:
101-19-34210-000 Reserved PW Vehicle/Skidloader$40,000
101- 41-57310-810 Capital-Machinery/Equipment $ 4,000
101-41-57310-811 Capital-Vehicles $36,000
Move reserved funds to cover purchase of Public Works Skidloader & Truck
101-19-34210-000 Reserved Gen’l Gov Building $23,000
101-41-57140-840 Gen’l Gov Public Bldg Outlay $23,000
Move reserved funds to cover installation of HVAC System
101-19-34220-000 Reserved Public Safety Vehicles $35,000
101-41-57210-811 Capital- Vehicles $35,000
Move reserved funds to cover purchase of Police Department vehicle
101-19-34310-000 Unassigned Fund $2,700
101-40-56920-890 Conservation & Development $2,700
Move monies earned from the 2012 Centennial to cover the purchase
and installation of “Welcome to North Hudson” signs.
The above budget amendments pertain to budget adjustments to revenue and expenditures during 2013.
This notice is given in compliance with Section 65.90 of the Wisconsin Statutes.
Dated this 8th of November, 2013.
Gloria Troester, Village Administrator (Pub. 11/14/13) WNAXLP