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Vows to keep disc golf

Dear Editor,

Like hundreds of people who played Willow Woods disc golf course at Willow River State Park since 1998, I regret the decision of the park manager to close it. The course provided a chance for individuals and families recreation in the fastest growing sport over the past 30 years.

Over these 11 years which Willow Woods was open, WRSP permitted us to introduce disc golf to our area in a beautiful location. As one of the custodians of the course, I appreciate the efforts of Lenore Schroeder for permitting the installation to happen at all. And to the WRSP staff that has contributed to its success over the last decade.

The temptation is to blame WRSP for the closure of the course, but the management only reacted to the actions of the minority of players. The vast majority of responsible disc golfers, now are paying the price for a few bad apples who behaved badly. Another issue was that no staff members embraced the course with a passion to nurture its success.

A few of us worked so hard getting that course in the ground: raising money from our generous sponsors to pay for the equipment, designing and installing the course. Over the years, as the course became more and more popular, more maintenance was needed but the park policies limited the players' community involvement to maintain and improve it.

Disc golf is a great lifetime fitness sport for any age. It offers good exercise, fun, competition and camaraderie for a minimum investment. The custodians of the course will be re-installed in or near Hudson. As much as we hate to see Willow Woods closed, we are determined to find a better location for a better course in Hudson. In fact, we already have a possible location in Hudson for a new course next year. To stay updated or to participate in the resurrection of a new disc golf course in Hudson you can follow the Willow Woods group on facebook.