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Who's running the country?

Dear Editor,

One of the most significant barriers standing in the way of affordable universal health care is the way in which powerful lobbyists are incessantly crusading on behalf of that portion of the health care industry which is privatized. Equally disturbing is the unconscionable manner in which elected officials are caving in to this pressure.

President Obama has repeatedly articulated his point that single-payer, government-sponsored health care coverage should be among the options, I repeat -- options -- available to citizens. Few in the Senate and in the House seem to be listening!

Consider also that, like Medicare, the overhead for a government-sponsored health care option is likely to be in the vicinity of 2.5 percent, whereas that for the major insurance companies in the private sector is upwards of 17-20 percent, most of which is earmarked for outrageous administrative salaries and for lobbyists.

Whereas these highly compensated executives are beholden to their stockholders, should they not be more accountable to those whom their mega-corporations serve, namely those whom they insure!

Freedom of choice and competition in the marketplace are two of the best guarantees for both just and affordable universal health care.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that our nation is not being run by those whom we have elected, but instead by those highly paid individuals who so relentlessly lobby on behalf of special interest groups.

A consequence of that mentality, which is as sad and as dangerous as it is despicable, is that some members of Congress are succumbing to the influence peddling, and as they do we -- as a nation -- are quickly losing sight of the premise on which our country was founded, namely that we are a "government of the people, by the people and for the people."