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Malan Breton's inspiration came from Hudson

Emerson Hatch led the models out for the finale of Malan Breton's February fashion week show. Photo by

While visiting the Hatch family for Christmas, New York fashion designer Malan Breton, who is a family friend, was so moved by what the family shared with him, he changed the theme of his February Fall 2010 Fashion Show.

"He asked if he could see the clothes and artifacts I have saved and collected for Emerson," said Angelique Hatch. Emerson was born in Hyderabad, India, in 2000 and after a long adoption process she joined the Hatch family on March 5, 2002. "When I think about the little girl who came, she couldn't sit up or walk and she was two years old. It is amazing."

After looking at Emerson's collection including her scrapbook, which mom has been creating for her, Breton, called back to New York to say he was changing the theme of his fashion show.

And change he did. Breton was inspired by Emerson's journey and the beauty of her native the India: the fabrics, beadwork and culture. The show, which had fashion critics offer high acclaim, opened with nine-year-old Emerson Hatch performing an Indian dance she learned at The Phipps Center for the Arts. During the show Bollywood dancers performed and American Idol contestant Anoop Desai sang his world premiere for the finale during which Emerson led the models.

"It was an event bursting with Indian culture," said Hatch. "Emerson visited with Anoop Desai backstage." For the Hatch family this was Emerson's big day and a once in a lifetime experience.


During the adoption process Angelique Hatch became friends with the founders of Care + Share India, an organization which helps homeless children in India.

"Even a small amount can make a profound difference in their lives," said Hatch. "Just think the impact we could make if everyone in Hudson gave $10.

"Malan is involved in this cause with me," said Hatch. "He promoted it at his show and after party."

The unique organization helps children in India.

For more information or to donate online, go to

Locally, Angelique is holding a fundraiser for Care + Share India on April 30 at the Hudson Golf Club. Tickets are $30 per person or $50 per couple. It will include a silent auction, appetizers, cash bar, keg beer and live music.

For more information, call Hatch at (612) 804-6518 or e-mail her at