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Letter: Concerned with mold

Dear Editor,

It has now come out that the St. Croix Meadows property has a severe mold contamination. Over the past few years water has poured in a hole in the roof causing structural damage and leaving behind mold. This contamination by law must be disclosed to any potential buyers. Meaning from day one the school board and the superintendent were aware of the mold problem.

Funny, no one ever told the good people of the Hudson School District about a mold problem. Funny like a stomach pump! What a bunch of liars! Every member of the board (and Tim Erickson too) should be dismissed and brought up on charges. Along with those parties that were paid to play along.

When Hoffman graded the property an "A" for a possible school site and in the many property analyses for which they were paid, they never mentioned the mold.

When that appraiser of appraisers "Mighty Joe White" toted his crayons and etch a sketch all the way from Eau Claire to address the board, giving a $16 million value to the SCM property (now that's a whole lot of stupid), he never mentioned the mold.

When the school board put out a pamphlet on the property to inform the public, not to endorse remember (wink! wink!), but simply to inform the public so they may vote intelligently in the referendum, it never mentioned the mold.

Need I go on? The board led by Dr. Eggebraaten conspired to cover up the problem until after the referendum. This explains the board's practice of hiring out-of-area contractors to submit foreseeable results. It was the board's claim of "by using 90,000 sq. ft. of the existing building the District would save millions," that I feel delivered the "Yes" outcome in the referendum. Knowing the building was contaminated and willing to use that building to house our children eight hours a day is horrifying! They were willing to risk the health of our children to gain a favorable outcome to a referendum issue. An issue that in comparison to the health of our youth doesn't amount to a hill of beans.

District Attorney Johnson -- I think it's time to get involved. The violations are clear and not to act would be to fail the good people of St. Croix County who have put their trust in you.