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Letter: Hudson School Board president gives facts

Dear Editor,

There's been emerging criticism of Superintendent Mary Bowen- Eggebraaten. Criticism is "part of the territory" with any public position. However, I'm concerned that if inaccuracies are allowed to go unchecked, eventually, our district will suffer and the forward progress we've made to support higher levels of achievement for our students could be delayed or even terminated.

Fact: Teachers and all HSD staff are valued and provided the opportunity to be involved stakeholders.

More teachers are in leadership positions and help make decisions at school and district levels than ever before; including, HSD 2025 development, school SMART Goal teams, Teacher Advisory Committee, curriculum committees, literacy coaches, and High School Learning for the Future teams.

Fact: Hudson has added staff at the administrative level as student enrollments have grown. Hudson has 5,564 students and 19 administrators; Howard-Suamico has 5,845 students with 19.5 administrators; and Wisconsin Rapids has 5,366 students with 20.5 administrators.

Fact: District has balanced gender in the administration. In 2004-05, there were four male and one female district administrators, today there are three male and three female administrators.

Fact: Open enrollment is required by law. Hudson's open enrollment data has shown an almost equal number of students coming into the district as resident students going out of the district. In 2011-12, 33 resident students went to other districts through open enrollment; and 33 K-12 open enrolled students came into Hudson from other schools, a zero net increase. The previous year, more students went out of the district than came into the district.

Fact: Superintendent Mary Bowen-Eggebraaten has collaboratively led the district and carried out the Board of Education's direction to support higher levels of student learning. Since becoming Superintendent, Mary has been focused on student learning and higher levels of achievement with the least impact on taxpayers. The Hudson Schools, students, and staff have become recognized at the state and national level for their work and achievements.

The Board of Education has set high expectations and goals, and Mary has led the district to achieve them. Our students have been the benefactors of this effort. Since I have seen her work and the results first-hand, Mary Bowen-Eggebraaten has my highest level of support as superintendent.

If we allow false statements to go unchecked, our community risks much more than losing a great superintendent. Please be informed with what's happening in our community and make every effort to know the truth. Our schools are not only vital to educating our students well, but, also critical to the quality of life we have enjoyed in Hudson.

Tom Holland, Town of Hudson

School Board President