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Letter: Desires answers from school board member

Dear Editor,

I have a few questions for school board member Mark Kaisersatt.

1) Why has the school board not acknowledged the fact that elementary school projections from just four years ago are woefully inaccurate? This year we will have approximately 2,500 students versus the 2,850 projected.

2) Why did Mr. Kaisersatt vote to allow additional students to enter our system this fall from other districts when he is asking his neighbors to build new schools? State law gives districts with space issues the latitude to refuse open enrollment applications. Kudos to board members Gehrke, Tjornehoj and Bell for voting against this aberration.

3) Why did Mark Kaisersatt never once step foot in the dog track prior to voting for the referendum and then suddenly proceed to visit this moldy facility only after the vote was taken?

4) Why won't Mr. Kaisersatt allow taxpayers to personally see what a great purchase this is? I have asked for a tour and been denied.

5) Why did Mr. Kaisersatt vote to spend additional taxpayer money (up to $25,000) to help a private entity rezone their own facility? To my knowledge such expenditures have never been borne by the taxpayers.

6) Why has Mr. Kaisersatt never given us short term solutions to accommodate students at the high school and middle school? Here we are in July and nothing has yet been discussed for this fall. He spent the last building and grounds committee meeting commenting on how short the agenda was rather than doing his job.

7) Why did Mr. Kaisersatt and the entire board (minus Ms. Gehrke, who was not on the board at the time) not completely analyze all options available for additional infrastructure? This would include all available parcels of land and the addition/remodeling of existing facilities. Only now, because the city council is appropriately doing their job, is Mr. Kaisersatt even considering looking at these other options and spending our money on a consultant to sway the city council rezoning vote.

8) And lastly, why in the world would Mr. Kaisersatt vote to purchase property than isn't even zoned correctly? A public entity purchasing property and then trying to downgrade the zoning is absolutely unheard of.

I really don't expect any answers, just more rhetoric. And if Mr. Kaisersatt would like to hone his debating skills I am open for a one on one televised debate, any time, any place. My number is in the phone book.