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Letter: Questions what is 'severe'

Dear Editor,

Mark Kaisersatt in his July 5 editor's letter expressed a disdain for those people who dare question the actions of the mighty Hudson School Board on which he sits. I'd like to give him a close up view of on which I sit. Mr. Kaisersatt, the countless hours it took you to write, re-write, edit and proofread yourself serving dribble of a correspondence would have been much better spent ... oh I don't know, touring the property you blindly committed 8.25 million of the district's dollars to. Who buys real estate sight unseen ... Stevie Wonder?

Kaisersatt goes on to say that "there is no severe mold contamination at the SCM site." Meaning there is contamination but in his opinion it is not severe. The term severe is highly subjective. What I may consider severe someone else may feel is nominal. For example, I felt the hiring of appraisers after the offer to purchase the SCM site was accepted was severely stupid. Whereas Mr. Kaisersatt may feel it was only nominally stupid. Another example might be the hiring of consultants to help gain rezoning for the SCM site, I feel is also severely questionable, someone else may feel it's only slightly questionable. How does a consultant aid in the rezoning of a property? What can a consultant do that the district's own highly educated administrators cannot...think rationally?

Kaisersatt also wanted to see proof of the contamination. Just look at the offer to purchase, if it's not disclosed to the buyer we may have a way out of this severe mess the board has gotten the good people of the Hudson School District into. If the contamination is no big deal why wasn't it disclosed by the board months ago?

Finally Mark, if you want to serve the people in an elected position of power you'll have to grow a little thicker skin, especially if you continue to endorse completely ridiculous ideas. Also it couldn't hurt to always wear a foil helmet when experiencing direct sunlight. I know it's done wonders for me. As for attending the next board meeting, I get physically ill just watching on TV. I cannot imagine attending a live session of the "Wonder Board," at least not until my free health care, by Monsanto! kicks in.

FYI. How many times would I have to mow Eggebraaten's lawn to become a rezoning consultant?