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Letter: Says actions 'stink'

Dear Editor,

There's a great saying, "Money is truthful. If a man speaks of his honor, make him pay cash." I think the same can be said of those elected who speak of their credibility. If they have to sell it to people, then it likely isn't nearly worth what they think it is.

After watching the last few school board meetings, and now reading last week's letter from the school board president, I'm left questioning Tom Holland's principles when he proclaimed how he, the other board members, and school administration have always acted with the highest integrity possible.

The problem Mr. Holland has, as do most other board members and administration, is their inability to recognize when a conflict of interest or an ethics violation is taking place. The most logical reason is likely due to their loss of smell. They simply don't sense when the air begins to stink and when to leave the room.

It smells bad when you vote to approve over $45,000 of school expenditures paying the organization of which you are an officer. It smells worse when you claim to have only the school district's best interest in mind while taking tax money to profit the YMCA, Officer Holland.

The air starts getting thick when you negotiate with the school district, on behalf of the YMCA, to pay for half of a tunnel going to River Crest. But it really stinks when we can't find records showing the YMCA ever paying its half. Always acted with the highest integrity, eh?

It stinks when you allow a board member to resign her term early so you can hire her for a position she helped create. It smells when you have a district attorney as a friend who won't enforce the law when a complaint is filed pointing out violations.

But what really makes a stench is watching board members cover for one another and the superintendent. Do you believe it doesn't stink to hire an unqualified and unlicensed appraiser to dupe taxpayers with an inflated justification to pay $8.2 million for property that isn't worth $5 million?

If your nose doesn't twitch when board member Robson leads the charge to remove 1/3 of the city's remaining commercial property, then no amount of aerosol spray will help the room.

It's time to open the windows, air the place out and clean house because your highest integrity really smells bad.