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Letter: Perspective is one-sided

Dear Editor,

In February, I sent a copy of my resignation letter to each school board member at home. It was detailed. I heard nothing back. Nothing.

It is interesting that Mr. Holland now publicly responds to discontent in the school district with the district's version of the facts, rather than showing interest in other perspectives and the realities of those working or learning here. When everything is filtered to the board through the superintendent, only one perspective is represented. It is possible to make your facts fit your argument.

It is my belief, based on personal experience, that dissidence is not tolerated. I believe a healthy organization is one that respectfully works through conflict and thus ends up with a better outcome, rather than suppressing or ignoring that conflict.

A lot of manipulation occurs in our upper administration. To what end? Control. Is offense really the best defense? Do we need to be defensive or do we want to improve the district?

School board members, please listen to those who elected you, not just to your highest ranking employee.