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Letter- Disagrees with actions

Dear Editor,

The time has come for every person who has served as a local elected representative, past and present, to stand up and voice their displeasure of the recent actions taken by the Hudson School Board. Last week's public flogging of a fellow board member and previous part-time teacher was a disgrace of epic proportion.

It clearly shows what poor judgment school board president Holland has, who solely authorized the wasting of taxpayers' money for the legal services expended to pamper the superintendent. It's one thing to voice political discourse in the opinion pages of the paper, but quite another when publicly opening employee personnel files for ridicule with no ability for rebuttal.

Viewing last week's superintendent's column in the paper, we read her complaint of so-called attacks aimed at individuals of the administration and board since the passing of the referendum. The dog track purchase and possible rezoning is of utmost concern at the moment and must be stopped.

I believe strongly the public's slight majority vote deciding the outcome was ill-informed or was not completely informed by the information presented in mailings and news articles. This administration and board touted an appraised $16.8 million number as a basis to sway the public of the opportunity to purchase the SCM property at the unbelievable price of $8.25 million. What they said little of, stated in the "Extraordinary Assumptions / Hypothetical Conditions" section of the appraisal, was that this appraised price was based on the value of the property after all renovation and improvements had been completed. Why would one ever use an appraisal in this manner to base a purchase, other than to influence the sale? This seems to be a highly questionable action for use in a referendum.

What is also concerning with this push to purchase and rezone is the reckless disregard this school board has for other municipalities and institutions needing the tax revenue coming from this property. The city, county, and WITC, too, all depend on that revenue, yet this school board and superintendent have little concern for these entities needing to address this impact. The city has made land available for public use. The county is a willing seller. I suggest strongly the school board become a municipal team player and work within the limits available. In doing so, they may find the amount of mistrust and so-called attacks will subside, and some integrity return.

Steve Hermsen, Hudson