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Schachtner defeats Jarchow in special election

Letter - Defends board, wife

Dear Editor,

OMG! It's a conspiracy! Everyone on the school board has a personal agenda! They're all on the take, have conflicts of interest, and are covering each other's butts! Call the cops! No, wait, we don't trust them! Call your assembly woman! No, wait, we don't trust her! Call your congressman! No, wait, we don't trust him! Call your mother! No, wait, we don't trust her...

Have you ever noticed that opinions are a lot like feet -- most of us have them, and most of them stink? Last week a letter to the editor from Steve Hermsen titled "Says Actions Stink" made both specific and broad accusations against the Hudson School Board. In the 18 years that I've lived in Hudson, it seems to me that the thing that stinks the most here is the tone of civil discourse. Or should I say, there is no civil discourse in Hudson -- only uncivil discourse.

Hermsen's letter says, "What really makes a stench is watching board members cover for one another and the superintendent." Really, Steve? Is that what my wife, a school board member, is doing? Why don't you come over to the house and say that to my face? That's right, drag your carcass over here and lay it all out. I'll be waiting. Takes a big man to smear a lady's reputation in the local newspaper. Come show me what a big man you are.

Is the school board making mistakes? Duh! They're breathing, they're human; of course they're making mistakes. Do they have personal agendas? Don't you? Are they more self-serving than they are public servants? Absolutely not.

It is noteworthy that none of the school's detractors ever says a word about education. And I need to know: as only one of the current school board members and almost none of the current administration were in place 18 years ago when I came to Hudson, is this still the same conspiracy as then? Is anyone else tired of this?

Jerry German, Hudson