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Letter-Says tactics were 'deceitful'

Dear Editor,

As last week's board meeting revealed, the looming zoning issue may not be a deal breaker for the school district after all. At this point we are not privy to the decision that will be made by the council, but it may be irrelevant. In either an attempt to save face with the seller or to override the City Council (if they deny it), the school district may close on the purchase anyway. Here's how:

Section 3(h) of the purchase agreement states an option if the rezoning does not go through: "Alternatively, Buyer may waive the contingency and proceed to closing." A citizen called the board on this option at the meeting requesting an answer to what they would do if the city should the rezoning request be denied. Board member Lynn Robson admitted they could vote on that option. How many of the Hudson citizens who voted "yes" for the referendum would truly approve of the purchase if a school cannot be erected there due to the B-2 zoning? Does the district find it amusing to acquire real estate at the expense of our citizens and not be able to build? The UU property has been proclaimed to be unusable due to water and sewer issues; this is not the case. The district received a letter from the city of Hudson explaining a "user district" that would afford them the water and sewer needed to make it happen.

My point is that the tactics used to pass the referendum have been deceitful at best. It has recently been proven that the appraisal presented for $16.8 million was with improvements, so that nullifies the great deal they declared to us. This quote by Stephanie Klein sums it up: "Tell the truth, or someone will tell it for you."

Al Michaelson, Hudson

Editor's note: The appraisal referred to in the letter valued the dog track as it stands today. The "improvements" included in the appraisal document refer to the portion of the property that could be repurposed by the school district if they were to put a secondary school on the property. Those include sewer and water connections and other infrastructure and approximately 90,000 square feet of the existing structure on the property. The appraisal does not include any future changes or improvements to the property.