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Letter-Support students

Dear Editor,

If you work hard, you can achieve anything... Except passing grades? Wait... what? I first want to state that I do not know Jordan Cullen or anyone from his family, and I do not have any kids in the Hudson School District, but I am an educator in Minnesota and a taxpayer in North Hudson.

When I read the article about Jordan Cullen, I was impressed that here is a high school student who is working hard to pursue his dreams, while continuing to work hard in school. I was not impressed that the school district contacted Jordan to say that if he missed so many days of school, he would earn zeroes.

Granted, this article might only tell part of the story, and I truly understand when a student is doing something outside of the "norm" that it is more challenging for his teachers. I'm sure Hudson has an attendance policy, but sometimes policies need to be reviewed. I understand that Hudson's attendance average might go a smidgen lower. I get that Jordan might have changed schools anyway to pursue his cycling, but don't you think a call from the district officials asking Jordan how they can be supportive of his education and cycling might have been a better approach? School staff spend many extra hours on students who struggle to stay in school because of pursuing options that might not be good choices; couldn't the district spend a little extra time figuring out how to support this young man instead of offering zeroes?

Right now the school district wants my vote to help fund a new school, but I want to make sure that the district is supporting the students. This is ultimately where I want my money spent: to support the students of Hudson. I want our Hudson graduates to have a sense that if they work hard, it will pay off, and I want the students to feel that their community and school district support each one of them in their pursuits.

Cathy Diaz, Hudson