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Letters- UU property

I hope this community will finally close the book on the UU property as a feasible site for a secondary school. Whether one is for or against the St. Croix Meadows site, UU is not an option and not relevant to the discussion. Here's why:

At the last plan commission meeting, Hudson's Community Development Director, Denny Darnold indicated it would be unprecedented for the city of Hudson to create a special sewer/water district for UU to support a secondary school. He indicated it would go against long standing policies, may be a costly proposition and a maintenance nightmare.

Water/sewage aside, the site has such significant topographical challenges that it was eliminated from consideration by the school board. Challenges include limited useable acreage, potential wetlands and a stream that would involve DNR "non-disturbance" regulations and sections of 30 percent-plus slopes that county ordinances don't allow to be leveled (let alone the cost of doing so).

The site cannot hold a high school and fields without having to cross streams/wetlands and climb steep hills to get from one useable part of the site to another. Even if, in some magical way, that were possible, now you have Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility and emergency vehicle access issues. And no portion of the Field Of Dreams soccer complex will ever be devoured to make UU more feasible.

UU was purchased by a school board in a different time dealing with different regulations and a different sense of city sewage growth plans. The school board today is committed to selling this property at a price favorable to the taxpayers.

So make your arguments for or against a school at St. Croix Meadows, but don't use UU as an alternative.

Kevin Whiteley, Hudson