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letters-City should rezone track

In the upcoming weeks, the Hudson Plan Commission and City Council will be reviewing the request that the dog track property be rezoned to public use.

The school board did its job: identifying the St. Croix Meadows property as a great site for a very needed secondary school. It was clear that the purchase referendum would be a first step in engaging the community in what specifically will be built there.

Then on April 3, the community approved. Fifty-four percent district-wide and an even higher 60 percent of the city voted "yes" to the referendum. Relative to recent school referendums, this was a bipartisan landslide.

This was not an opinion poll. This was not "advisory." This was a binding referendum approved by informed voters. It counted.

The plan commission has since stated that the district must prove that SCM property is the site of last resort before it will rezone. The commission has self-created this standard. It does not actually exist. By repeating it many times, they have also created an illusion that this standard is somehow a documented given.

It is not.

I must ask the plan commission and subsequently the City Council this: If you deny rezoning, do you realize you are accepting 100 percent responsibility for the site selection of the needed new school?

That's my old-school, time-tested standard: You break it, you own it. You fix it.

Quite frankly, given all the challenges that the city government has before it, I cannot understand why there is such a fight against something that the public actually clearly wants to happen.

There are so many other important things the city government is truly responsible for that need addressing. The rezoning should have been a swift, cooperative approval consistent with the will of the public.

It still can be.

Dan Bushman, Hudson