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Letter-Supports rezoning

Dear Editor,

The next two weeks will be critical in determining the educational future of our Hudson students. The Hudson Planning Commission and the City Council will be deciding on whether to rezone the St. Croix Meadows dog track (SCM). Most everyone agrees that we need more space to properly educate our students, but it has become a very emotional issue on both sides of the discussion. If we put our emotions aside and look at the facts, SCM is the best choice because it already has the necessary infrastructure to handle traffic patterns commensurate with a school, it is the lowest cost option that has been proven in numerous studies that we the taxpayers have paid for, already has water and sewer installed and most importantly is the only site that has the necessary space to build a facility that we can all be proud of.

Yes, there are other sites available and yes, a school could be built on them, but none of them have the infrastructure in place to handle school traffic, which will cost millions of dollars, nor do they have enough acreage to house a facility that will best serve our students. Two of these sites are not even for sale and third one (UU) will also need water and sewer brought to it, which will cost taxpayers more money assuming that it will even be able to be done.

No one is asking for a Taj Mahal to be built. We just want a facility that we can all be proud of and one that can be used for decades to come. Let's not build something that we will regret later and wish that we had done a better job as a community and built it right the first time.

Paul Moen, North Hudson