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Letter- Argues for county home

Dear Editor,

To provide modern facilities meeting their aging population's needs, Dunn County built new cluster facilities, home-like with private rooms, private baths, and common areas. I've researched cash flow and income statements for this preferred home of Dunn County. Dunn includes all revenues, ITG funds, tax levies, non-operating income, while St. Croix does not. Dunn does not include capital improvements as an expense. St. Croix does. Dunn discloses financial reports, making their county home's business accessible to all at{6B4F8FC6-FE29-4280-95D1-A748809046A9}&DE={9D4073E2-D8D8-4DE0-93DC-0DED3E259D42}. St. Croix County does not. Although the Dunn County facility shows a net operating loss of $678,681, there's no action to close this new 137-bed facility.

Both counties have an overall budget of near $70 million. Comparing the tax levy to the budget for both nursing homes, St. Croix is .19 percent ($130,106) compared to Dunn 1.07 percent ($750,000), both infinitesimal portions of a $70 million budget. Not to shame, but Dunn taxpayers contribute five times that of St. Croix, although Dunn per capita income ($21,624) is only two thirds of St. Croix ($31,377) and the population of Dunn is one half of St. Croix (2010 U.S. Census). If St. Croix financials were calculated the same as Dunn and St. Croix paid what Dunn does per capita, our county home would actually show a profit.

Voters voted in two referendums, 2-to-1, to keep the county home. We are not a selfish lot. We just have some Health and Human Services committee supervisors who choose not to follow the high ground set by the people of St. Croix in two referendums. It is obvious these recently elected members subscribe to an ideology, contrary to the peoples' will, affronting democracy and hurting families. Become informed. Attend the Sept. 10 Health and Human Service committee meeting, 8:30 a.m., Health and Human Services Building, New Richmond.

Suzanne Van Mele, Hudson